Amn’s massive power is derived from the business dealings of its five merchant High Houses, their unscrupulousness, and the fact that it is one of the most corrupt lands on all Faerun. Anything goes in Amn, and even the most debased of acts are allowed so long as the person committing them pays the appropriate fee. Oddly, magic is regulated in Amn: anyone practicing magic must have a permit, and those are difficult to come by.

On an even darker note, everyone’s worst fears about Amn have been realized. After decades of relative isolation and freedom as one of the highest trade cities, Amn has officially declared an allegiance to Cyric.

The transition occurred during the first height of the renewed Spellplague. Amn, always accepting of Cyric’s cult, was accused as co-conspiratorial with his church. Under threat of embargo and invasion, Amn’s populace panicked while the strongly-entrenched Cyricists seized hold of the government. The Pommarch, a mighty wizard and Cyricist, has been elevated to the position of council leader.

Any officially-sanctioned magic user in Amn is required to take the Oath of Cyric. Those that accept claim to find their magic significantly more powerful. Those whom refuse are killed or forced to flee.

Many nations continue to trade with Amn, some out of greed, others by necessity, and their nation is actually burgeoning. Many are being brought to the Cyricist faith. Such is the power of Amn’s trade, magical might, and Cyric’s tongue.


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