Flames of Madness

The World is Freezing

The party came to town seeking a messenger from the nation of Amn. They hoped to discover the nature of a Cyricist plot underway, possibly involving an avatar of the mad god. They discovered that the messenger they sought was, in fact, a benign middle-aged half-elf bard named Vestil. While the party worked their deception, a horde of ice archons and rimefire griffons, goaded by a frost giant, assaulted the villages. The party fended them off (the bard giving aid), but some of the horde escaped back to the Cloud Peaks from whence they came, taking villagers with them as prizes.

The party pursued the horde, their flight sped by the bard Vestil, whom accompanied them. They arrived at the mining base camp on the Cloud Peaks, where they slew a scouting party of frost giants whom were sweeping over the camp looking for anyone they missed on their first pass. The party interrogated one of the giants, who told them their leader, Bloodfrost, was sacrificing the villagers and miners to awaken their master, a god they called Deathchill. He pointed the way to his leader, gloating about how the party would be sacrificed along with the others, and the party slew him.

They now travel through the icy caverns that twist through the mountains. And now they have come upon a trap: the bruised and battered bodies of supposed villagers melt away, revealing themselves to be a nightwalker and its ghastly bodak servants!



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